Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 24th, 2009. Ibiza, Spain.

We’ve been in Sant Antoni at the marina for the past 5 days due to bad weather. A couple of nights ago wind velocity reached up to 50 knots, aprox. 100km/hr. Today strong winds are finally over and we are ready to spend our last night in Ibiza at a nice anchorage. We got up around 8:00, had breakfast, Alberto stayed on Tobago for last preparations and I went into town to do final shopping for our trip to Cartagena. One thing I enjoy very much when sailing around is having the possibility to stay in one village for a few days because it normally gives you enough time to do sight seeing and locate stores of interest. After a few days I had found a very nice specialty store (Casa Alfonso), a very nice bakery with own production – non of that industrial pre-baked frozen bread that goes hard in one day, a lovely fruit and vegetable market and a descent priced supermarket for ordinary stuff.
The morning shopping was done in half hours time and was back on the boat at 10am. While I stocked everything Alberto finished outside and at 10:30 we where ready to leave the dock. We stopped at the gas station to get diesel and at 11 o’clock we where heading out. The wind was north-westerly as predicted and it had been decided to head south, so, we putted up the sails and headed towards Es Vedra. For a moment it occurred to just keep going and do the crossing towards Cartagena but in the end the idea of spending at least one night anchored in Ibiza won… it was the right decision.

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  1. Ciao, Atziri solo ora sono riuscita ad capire come si fa un commento!! hahaha volevo dirvi che è bellissimo, sarò una vostra seguidora.COmplimenti però mi devi dire il significato di TObago! beijos